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We empower young people through health and leadership education to shape their communities

 Health. Empowerment. Community. 

Health Pioneers tackles health and education inequalities

Our Programmes

Our programmes are based on the belief that young people are the source of innovative and creative solutions. We empower young people through health and leadership education to use these solutions to shape their communities and ultimately reduce these inequalities.

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Pathways to Health is a health education and leadership programme that empowers young people to work with health professionals to design, implement, and lead a health project that solves a health problem.

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Mentorship to Health tackles the socio-economic inequality that exists within the healthcare system and applying to university. The programme supports primarily state school students aged 16 and above who wish to pursue healthcare related careers.






“The advice and support was priceless and they helped me apply it strategically. I really felt I was supported and made my medicine application so much easier because I did not feel alone! I am so grateful to my mentors for all of their help!” 

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