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Mentorship to Health

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Mentorship to Health was established to tackle the socioeconomic inequality that exists within the healthcare system and applying to university. Our programme supports primarily state school students who wish to pursue healthcare related careers.

The Programme

We currently cater to students who are interested in studying Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, and Midwifery. We plan to expand to other healthcare subjects, so please notify us if you are interested in a different subject. Our programme includes the following:

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Some themes we cover in our talks and workshop:

Choosing a University

Work Experience, How, What, When.

How to Write a Personal Statement

Applying to Oxbridge 

Gateway and Widening Participation Programmes

Welfare and Preparing for Year 13

Preparing for UCAT and BMAT

Preparing for university


Once students have graduated from our programme and entered into university they are automatically enrolled into our Alumni Scheme. We know that students from certain backgrounds have a higher drop-out rate than other backgrounds. We aim to stop this from happening by providing support. Students remain with their mentors and join a network of students studying across the country. There are annual events for the Alumni to network and support each other through university. 

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