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Health Pioneers Wellbeing, Equality and Diversity Charter 

This charter is a declaration of support for, and set of commitments to, the wellbeing, mental health, equality and diversity of everyone within our charity from the volunteers to all those young people participating within our schemes.

We will recognise and cater to the varying needs of our volunteers and young people. We pledge to:


  • Protect time to discuss wellbeing, equality, diversity and inclusion at each Charity event and internal meeting we hold.

  • Ensure to provide resources and support to our volunteers and young people in line with the Accessible Information Standard.

  • Provide a point of contact for pastoral support and signpost to further resources for both volunteers and young people.

  • Identify and provide access to mentors and coaching from different demographic and professional backgrounds.

  • Work with all to widen participation on the programme and remove barriers to progression (e.g. we will provide additional support to underrepresented groups).

  • Tailor our communications/language to engage diverse audiences when
    promoting the programme and running our schemes.

  • Engage with diverse contributors, sponsors and stakeholders.

  • Provide visibility and communications support to volunteers and young people from diverse backgrounds and working to support diverse communities.

If you have any wellbeing, equality and diversity concerns, please contact the Designated Lead Dr Devina Maru via email to make an appointment

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