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Pathways to Health

Information for Schools

Pathways to Health is inspired by our ethos that young people have the creativity and talent to solve many issues within our communities. Pathways to Health is a health education and leadership programme that empowers young people to work with health professionals to design, implement, and lead a health project that solves a health problem.

There are two aspects to the programme

The Project

Students design and create a project to tackle a health issue they are passionate about. They will be allocated a healthcare professional mentor to support them throughout. The overall aim is to create a repository of health information designed by young people for young people. At the end students write an impact report on their project. 

The Events

Throughout the year there will be a combination of virtual and in-person events on health topics delivered by healthcare professionals. Students can attend as many as they would like and if they choose to can even present alongside a healthcare professional! 



Develop knowledge of health 

Obtain a range of leadership skills 

Network with a community of ambitious peers and local health professionals 

Lead and implement a health project that improves the health of young people 

Receive the Health Pioneers Award

Receive certificates of attendance for events

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline to complete the project?


Once students have enrolled into the programme they have 6 weeks to complete their project and work alongside their healthcare mentor. 


Can students work in groups?


Yes they can but for the impact report will need to be written by individuals. 


Who can apply?


Anyone between the ages of 11-25 years old. 


When can students apply?


Students can apply anytime throughout the year as the programme has no start/end date. 


Can students apply for the CREST Award as well as receiving an award from Health Pioneers?


Yes they can and their healthcare professional mentor will support them through this process. 


Can students just create a project?


Students can just create a project but we recommend attending events to improve health and leadership knowledge. 


Can students just attend the virtual or in-person events? 


Students can just attend these events but we recommend you create a project to put this knowledge into practice. 


Is it compulsory to attend the events? 


No. Students will receive a certificate for every event they attend but they can choose which one’s in particular they want to attend. 


When does the in-person events happen? 


Various dates throughout they year. 

When do the virtual events happen? 


The events will occur on a weekday in the evening. They will be conducted via Google Meet. 


Partnership With Your School


Access to our resources and guaranteed places for students


Mentoring by healthcare professionals on healthcare and leadership


Events and healthcare topics can be tailored to the needs of your students 

Poster To Share With Students

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