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Application Information

Pathways to Health

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Information for Students

Who Can Apply?

Any 16 - 19-year-old students

How to Complete The Application​

This application enables us to learn more about your idea and how you want to help you community. This will lead to us allocating you to a group led by a health professional that is an expert in that area of health you are interested in. ​

What is Your community Health Project Idea for London? 

This question gives us insight into your idea and how you will be helping the community. Maximum of 300 words. 

Who Will the Project Help?

This will give us an idea of who your idea is going to help the most. This is especially important to ensure that your project can be tailored to meet the needs of a community. 


We ask you to commit to attending the weekend course on health and leadership skills. This ensures that you develop the knowledge and skills to implement and lead a community health project. We also ask you to commit to implementing your community project idea.

Contact Details of Someone We Can get a Reference From

This allows us to be in contact with your school to keep them updated on the great work you are doing and to notify them of upcoming events. 

Key Dates

Application Open: 1st September 2021

Application Close: 1st October 2021

Notification of whether you were accepted onto the programme: 3rd October 2021

Health and Leadership Weekend: 16-17th October 2021


Information for Schools

Crest Award: Students can achieve the Bronze award but can apply for Silver and Gold. 

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