Our Story​

Health Pioneers was founded to tackle health and education inequalities in London. Working in the education and health sectors has shown us the challenges faced by young people in living healthy and fulfilling lives. However, young people are the source of innovative and creative solutions to these challenges. At our core is the drive to empower young people through health and leadership education to shape their communities and ultimately reduce these inequalities. Through empowering young people they become the future Health Pioneers of society.

Our Vision

We envision a future where health and education in communities thrives, and every person can fulfil their maximum potential irrespective of their socioeconomic background. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce health and education inequalities in socioeconomically deprived areas through healthcare professionals working closely with schools, charities and local authorities, providing educational, mentorship and leadership programmes encouraging social empowerment and building communities.

Founders & Trustees

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Raoul was born, raised and lives in East London. He has witnessed in his community, and through his work as a GP, the correlation between someone's background, access to education/resources, and their health. This has motivated him to address the social determinants of health which he believes can be improved through empowering young people to create and innovate pioneering solutions. 



Whilst working as a Doctor in London, Devina has seen how wider determinants of health, access to care and health behaviours have resulted in health inequalities amongst our communities. Devina strongly believes we must encourage and foster health promotion and have a proactive approach. Collaborating with schools and empowering young people to live healthier lives by improving their physical, mental and social wellbeing is the start of the journey to foster a healthier culture in generations to come.




Ife is passionate about social justice and tackling inequality within education and healthcare. Ife's career focus has been equality, inclusion, and widening participation, and is currently working as a careers and employability officer in a school.



Yasmin was born in North London, trained in South London and works as a doctor in East London. As the lead of the Health Pioneers Research Team,  she believes that continual improvement, reflection and growth ensures meaningful and sustainable change that benefits us all.

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(Marketing and Communication Manager)

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Pathways to Health Team

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Mentorship to Health Mentors

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