Health Pioneers is a charity created in response to the health needs of young people in East London. Our mission is to empower young people to transform their health and the health of their community. We aim to filter these changes in health behaviour and outcomes upwards, through the young improving their elders' health, and shaping the health of their communities in the future. These Health Pioneers will lead the way to improve the health of East London.

To fulfil the ambition of Health Pioneers and empower young people in East London, we must keep on growing. If you are interested in being involved, please consider applying for one of these roles. 

Mentorship to Health seeks to address the inequality within education and healthcare by supporting state school students in applying and entering university to study healthcare related subjects.

We are looking for driven and organised individuals, who are passionate about addressing education and healthcare inequality to join our team.

All roles have flexible schedules, and your work hours can be adapted to fit you. There are periods during the year which are busier than others particularly our enrolment season. On average these roles require about 1-3 hours of your time per week. 


To become a mentor for students applying to university, please complete this specific form

Dental School Coordinator

This role involves overseeing the dentistry pathway of Mentorship to Health. You will coordinate and work with dentistry mentors to create and deliver support materials to guide students in applying to dental school. Support materials include information on the different steps of the application process for dentistry and creating a database of dental schools and their current entry requirements.


Choosing University and Personal Statement Lead


This role involves working with the Medicine and Dentistry Coordinators to deliver information on the different types of universities and how to write a successful personal statement. You can design and use methods that you feel will help create a successful personal statement for the students.




This role involves delivering knowledge on how to pass the UCAT. You can design and use methods that you feel will be most helpful to students.


Interview Coordinator


This role involves delivering knowledge on the different types of interview and how to perform well at the interview. You will also be responsible for arranging our interview practice days and drop-in sessions for students who have interviews and require further practice.


Widening Participation Lead 


This role involves supporting students, from Widening Participation backgrounds and those applying to Gateway courses, to successfully identify and apply for appropriate courses. You will also develop a relationship between our programme and universities that have widening participation agendas. The aim is to increase the chances of our widening participation students getting into university.


Oxbridge Lead


This role involves preparing students for the unique challenges faced when applying to Oxbridge. You will work closely with the Mentor Coordinator and the mentor team to identify those that want to go to Oxbridge and support them throughout the application.

Work Experience Coordinator


This role involves preparing students for work experience and how they can make the most of it. You will also create partnerships with local hospitals and GP practices within East London so that students enrolled in the programme can access work experience.


Teacher and Guardian Outreach Coordinator


This role involves supporting teachers, parents, and guardians with helping students that are applying to medical or dental school. You can design and use methods that you feel will be most helpful.


Alumni Support Lead


This role involves preparing and supporting students that have successfully gained entry, for university. You will be a point of contact for alumni, and create activities and resources to prepare students for university and to support them during their time at university. You can cover a range of topics. Some to consider would be


● How to make the best of university

● Self-care and managing workload

● Imposter syndrome

● Racism in healthcare

● Information on M2H alumni support

Sadly, Bengali women suffer from a range of health problems, more so than any other group in the UK. Bengali women also have a lower life expectancy than Bengali men; this does not occur in any other group. Rafia Miah created Amar Doctor in response to this to tackle this head-on. Amar Doctor provides Bengali women with the knowledge and tools to improve their health and overcome the many barriers they face.


Bengali Healthcare Professionals


This role involves delivering Women's Health knowledge to young women in Bangla/Sylheti. You can design and use methods on topics that you feel will be most helpful to Bengali women.


Student Leads 


This role is for Bengali students currently studying in schools in East London. The role involves helping Rafia with the implementation of the programme and connecting young women with healthcare professionals.

Pathways to Health is a year-long programme that consists of 6 sessions, each divided into half. In the morning health education topics, such as mental health, first aid, physical activity, etc., are covered. In the afternoon students' leadership skills are developed.


Students apply to the programme with an idea for a community health project. Students then join a group based on what their project involves, for example, a mental health group, obesity group, etc. A group lead (a healthcare professional) helps them use their knowledge to deliver on their project.


Group Leads

We are recruiting Group leads to help the students deliver on their project. You will use your knowledge and experiences of health to guide them and teach them how to manage a community health project effectively.

Health Pioneers Conference

Conference Lead 


This role involves creating a health conference for students in East London to hold it in 2021. This conference will provide them with a platform to display the work they have done whether that be as part of one of our projects or not. While also providing students with seminars/drop-in sessions/educational resources on a range of health topics.

General Roles

Project Creation

We are always looking for students and professionals to create and lead innovative health projects. Health Pioneers provides a platform for you to launch your idea to help young people in East London with our range of resources and networks, so please get in contact. 

Teacher Advisory Board​


This role involves creating and leading a group consisting of teachers that can provide the charity with advice on strategy and ways to meet students' needs in East London. The aim to create more projects.

Health Pioneers Vanguard

This role involves creating and leading a group consisting of students who can provide the charity with advice on strategy and ways to meet students' needs in East London. The aim to create more projects.


Finance Lead


This role involves developing a fundraising strategy to be able to finance all of the projects of the charity. Also, ensuring the charity's accounts are in order and submitting a report to the Charity Commission.

Evaluation & Monitoring Lead


This role will involve assessing the impact of each project and ensuring that the projects have a positive impact on East London. You will work closely with the research team to the share data and create publications.

To volunteer, please complete this form and we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you!

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