Advice for Teachers

Mentorship to Health

Thank you for agreeing to be your student’s referee for the Mentorship to Health programme. As part of the programme, you will receive information on events and opportunities taking place for your students. We will also get in contact with you if we need support with your student.​

We offer a range of activities for teachers and parents/guardians to support students applying to university. Our presentations and workshops equip you with the knowledge and skills to support students in applying and entering healthcare professions. Themes of activities include:

  • Healthcare careers

  • Personal statements

  • Applying to university

  • Choosing the right course for you

  • Studying at university

  • Entrance exams

  • Application interviews

  • Studying outside of London

All sessions can be adapted to meet your needs. Please contact us to organise a session.

Gatsby Benchmark

Our programme covers the Gatsby Benchmarks in the following ways.

A Stable Careers Programme

Our programme creates an opportunity for students to learn how to successfully apply to a career in healthcare.

Learning From Career & Labour Market Information

Information is provided by healthcare professionals working in the local community with their experiences of applying and a career in healthcare covered.

Addressing the Needs of Each Pupil

The individual needs to each student are addressed through the allocation of a mentor. This enables information and support to be tailored to each student.

Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers

Our workshops outline to students the importance of STEM subjects and other important topics to learn for a career in healthcare.

Encounters With Employers and Employees

Students have multiple opportunities to learn from their peers, our workshops, the network of healthcare professionals and their allocated mentor.

Experiences of Workplaces

We provide sessions on how to apply to and have a successful work experience. In addition to this students have an opportunity to learn from healthcare professionals experiences within the charity.

Encounters with Further & Higher Education

Our programme inspires students to pursue a range of different healthcare careers. To achieve this we outline all of the different routes and steps that are necessary to achieve their ambition.

Personal Guidance

The allocation of a healthcare professional mentor to students ensures that each student gains personal guidance tailored to their needs.

Partnership With Your School


Access to our exclusive resource database


Support and advice for you and your students on the application process


Workshops and talks for parents/guardians to prepare them for their child going to university.


Priority tickets to our Health Pioneers Conference