Pathways to Health

Future Leaders Solving Community Health Problems

Isha Qabuly


Good nutrition is vital to our health, yet in recent years, unhealthy eating habits have been on the rise. This may be due to the diversity of cultures in Tower Hamlets, which can lead to the habitual consumption of certain foods and in some cases lead to negatively impacting our health. For example, obesity and diabetes sufferers are increasing. My method of tackling such prominent problems in our community is to educate the public on how to improve their diets and rid themselves of bad habits, for instance, smoking and comfort eating through an information leaflet. These leaflets will include information on different diseases that can arise from unhealthy lifestyles and links to websites in order for you to seek help and learn more. 


Abdullah Nadeem

Mental Health

East London; a blend of different cultures, backgrounds and traditions. However different we may be, there’s one thing we all have in common: our mental health. Despite its importance and ubiquity, it is unfortunately overlooked by some - in particular, the BAME community, which also happens to be a major constituent of East London’s population. Some communities may see mental health in a negative light; some may not believe in mental health at all. It is time to destigmatize mental health in East London.

My project entails targeting specific demographics, and raising awareness within them, particularly: Asian communities, religious communities and amongst men in particular (to combat toxic masculinity). The message needs to be spread; mental health is important as ever, especially in such unprecedented times, and help is available.


Farhan Rahman


Childhood obesity is on the rise and it particularly affects children living in East London. The National Child Measurement Programme 2016/2017 revealed that almost a quarter of children in reception were overweight or obese; the conditions rise to more than a third of students in Year 6 – significantly more than the figures reported in 2006/2007.

Most children will consume at least two meals at home; therefore, parents have the responsibility to encourage their children to eat healthy and exercise. Although that may sound overt, the Health Survey for England 2017 reports that children of obese parents are significantly more likely to be obese, and around half of the parents of obese children assumed their child was at a healthy weight.

My goal is to raise awareness of this issue in parents who may not know the appropriate needed to ensure their child is at a healthy weight, through a poster.

Zaina Chad

Healthy Eating

I want to create a small leaflet with 2/2 recipes ready to distribute to one primary school class (in my younger sister’s primary year group/school), during the Easter Holidays. Recipes will be simple, easy to make and require minimal effort and ingredients. This will ensure it is accessible to all children, and will not place any pressure on parents to buy extra ingredients because everything will most likely already be found at home. I will personally reflect on the success of my project, but will also provide a simple and easy to fill questionnaire to the students which they can return after the Easter Holidays. This will give me a better understanding on the success/limitations of my recipes and how I can better improve them. This will also allow me to consider whether or not the recipes were a good alternative to unhealthy foods.


Alif Ullah

Smoking Cessation

The World Health Organisation has named the overconsumption of tobacco products as one of the biggest public health threats as it has led to the rise in numerous diseases. This overconsumption of tobacco products is particularly present in Tower Hamlets, specifically within the adolescent population due to various reasons. However, one of the key reasons is due to the cultural norms that exist within the larger demographic groups of the borough such as the Bangladeshi community.

To try to reach a large demographic group, a poster should be created and distributed on various social media platforms to raise awareness on the scientific information available on the harms of tobacco to human health. We can also create polls and short surveys testing people’s knowledge of tobacco use through social media platforms to make the learning experience more interactive. After this, workshops (through Zoom) could be conducted across numerous schools in the borough where the harmful effects of tobacco are discussed. Lastly, to make such workshops more impactful we could invite a guest speaker who has a medical background as they could give students an insight into the harms of tobacco.


Tasnim Nasif


Abdullah Nadeem.png

I will be making a presentation which targets the young people within Tower Hamlets to be aware of how important it is for them to physically active especially during lockdowns. This is due to the damaging effect of the fast food consumption habit many have developed which causes their health to deteriorate and now that a lot of people are even more inactive during lockdowns and self-isolation, they are less likely to move around. This led to Tower Hamlets to have the fifth highest proportion of obese 10- to 11-year-olds in London and the sixth highest in the country. This makes exercise very important to help their health improve and because i know from my personal experience that this activity can be done with family members of the house it helps people mentally as they are able to interact with others to further inspire themselves to commit to exercising. 

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